State to recruit 15000 teachers in 2025

State to recruit 15000 teachers in 2025

State to recruit 15000 teachers in 2025

A minimum of 15,021 teachers will need to be hired by the government in order to teach the first Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) class that will transition to Grade 9 in 2025. Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, gave assurances that steps are being taken to guarantee that schools have the necessary facilities, allocating Sh3.9 billion for classroom building in this fiscal year.

9,000 classrooms will be built thanks to an additional Sh9 billion from the World Bank, in partnership with the National Government Constituency Development Fund.

Machogu acknowledged the necessity for optimal functioning and underlined the significance of creating an environment that is supportive of teachers. In reference to capitation, he stated that periods one, two, and three will again use the 50:30:20 disbursement model, with continuous efforts to examine quantities and implement a minimum essential package for schools with less than ideal enrollment.

Addressing the teacher shortage, Machogu stated that 56,750 teachers have been employed, the highest number since independence. He acknowledged unique challenges in regions like North Eastern, parts of the North Rift, and the Coast, where hardship and perceived insecurity contribute to teacher shortages.

The government aims to find long-term solutions and collaborate with stakeholders, including unions, to address these challenges.

Machogu underlined that the administration is dedicated to collaborating with unions to create a productive and successful educational system. He urged unions, such as the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), to advance members’ interests while taking the circumstances of the nation into account.

Machogu emphasized trade unions’ indirect influence on the welfare of numerous citizens by supporting their members’ well-being, while acknowledging the role trade unions play in socioeconomic and political growth.

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