Pastors Opposes Ruto Move to Bring Back CAS Positions

Pastors Opposes Ruto Move to Bring Back CAS Positions

Pastors Opposes Ruto Move to Bring Back CAS Positions

The plan to formalize the roles of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS)  in legislation has drawn criticism from the National Council of Churches of  Kenya (NCCK). The proposal, according to the council, which was led by Rev. Chris Kinyanjui,  General Secretary of the NCCK, was mistimed because it would burden Kenyans  who are already feeling the heat from higher taxes.

Kinyanjui mentioned the difficult economic conditions when he said that only a  small number of persons receiving salary and benefits from their jobs would  profit from such a strategy. The Treasury claims that the nation is bankrupt. He said, “We shouldn’t be witnessing the creation of additional Positions for a  select few.

The day following the National Government Administration Laws Amendment Bill’s first reading in Parliament, he made his comments. The Bill aims to close a legal loophole that allowed the High Court to find office bearers unconstitutional by, among other things, defining the CAS post and expanding the duties of office bearers.

In addition, Kinyanjui pleaded with the Parliament to abstain from enacting the Kimani Ichung’wah-sponsored bill, which would then be referred to President Ruto for approval. The priest begged Parliament to shelve the project, as well as any state officials involved.

He also anticipated that Kenyans would be able to withstand more taxes and a hefty salary bill as a result of the country’s economy improving. Meanwhile, he urged Ruto to reduce taxes instead, cut back on unnecessary government spending, and stop the number of corruption cases that are coming in.

Ichung’wah wants to create a new subcommittee under the National Security  Council (NSC) as part of the National Government Administration Laws  Amendment Bill, among other modifications. The council will receive recommendations for national security policies and  initiatives from the nine-member committee.

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