Kuppet Tells TSC to Employ All Intern  Teachers

Kuppet Tells TSC to Employ All Intern Teachers

Kuppet Tells TSC to Employ All Intern Teachers

In order to incorporate Junior Secondary School (JSS) curriculum into secondary schools, the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Teachers (KUPPET) is pushing the government to hire all intern teachers. Representatives, led by Francis Wanjohi, the executive secretary, voiced their displeasure with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for hiring substitute teachers on a permanent basis while forcing intern teachers to sign one-year contracts at pitiful salary.

The injustice of ignoring interns who had demonstrated their value during recruiting by working for a year was underlined by Wanjohi. According to his argument, these interns ought to be integrated into the workforce on pensionable terms. Because of retirements and natural attrition, many secondary schools are experiencing a teacher shortage. According to KUPPET, the government has no justification for refusing interns permanent posts.

Wanjohi emphasized the importance of integrating JSS into secondary schools, noting that most elementary schools lack the required infrastructure. He maintained that appropriate learning would be jeopardized if junior secondary schools weren’t housed in secondary schools that already existed.

In the company of senior union leaders, Wanjohi declared that these concerns must be resolved in order to successfully execute the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). Citing the high cost of living in the nation, KUPPET also demanded that collective bargaining negotiations with TSC be resumed in order to guarantee the execution of a seventy percent pay rise.

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