Gov’t Changes Tune On Mass Firing Of Teachers

Gov’t Changes Tune On Mass Firing Of Teachers

Gov’t Changes Tune On Mass Firing Of Teachers

After first threatening to fire teachers for leaving their jobs, the authorities reassured teachers who had evacuated the North Eastern due to an increase in terrorist attacks on Wednesday that they would not be fired.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, speaking on behalf of Ruto, informed the Kenya National Union of Teachers Union (KNUT) delegates in Kasarani that the government had reevaluated the choice after considerable deliberation.

The Deputy President stated, “You cannot punish people who are fleeing to save their lives.”The instructors were given additional assurances of their safety by the Deputy President, who also mentioned that Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki had been informed of the seriousness of the situation.

To get rid of criminals, we are conducting a disarmament exercise in these locations. As we gradually transition communities away from previous retrogressive behaviors, we also recognize the need of education in tackling security issues in a sustainable manner, Gachagua said.

“All of our security agencies, including the National Police Service, are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our teachers and other Kenyans.”Gachagua added that the government was keeping an eye on security in bandit-prone areas like the North Rift and that the State would not give up until peace was restored.

Regarding recruiting more teachers, Gachagua stated that at least 116,000 would be hired by the government in order to close the teacher shortage. “This year, the government has hired over 56,000 teachers,” stated the DP.

Gachagua expressed sorrow that financial limitations had caused the transition to be delayed and stated that the government was collaborating with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to progressively convert contract teachers to permanent and pensionable terms.

The Deputy President stated, “This is because we appreciate that achieving the recommended ratio reduces the burden on teachers, directly improving quality.” Gachagua’s remarks on the safety of the educators employed in North Eastern were made in the context of a notification issued by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) announcing that teachers who had left North Eastern due to terrorist acts would be fired. A group of North Eastern teachers wanted in October to be given guns and undergo paramilitary training so they could defend themselves.

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