Controller of Budget Breaks Silence Over  Arrest

Controller of Budget Breaks Silence Over  Arrest

Controller of Budget Breaks Silence Over  Arrest

Margaret Nyakang’o, the controller of budget, spoke up about her arrest and the events that led up to it on Wednesday.Nyakang’o stated that she was playing golf in Karen on Monday before returning home in an interview with Citizen TV.

But, she was told by the police—who had been following her in a car—that she had to go make a statement with them when she got home.She revealed that one of the policemen had even told her to acquire some warm clothes, which suggested that they intended to detain her for the night.

Nyakang’o continued, saying that she was then sent to the Banking Fraud Department of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). She did not, however, record a statement.

“I didn’t understand when one of the officers suggested that I buy clothes that would keep me warm. I was brought to the fraud-fighting CBK section, where no statement was ever taken. The officers informed me that they had been directed to take me to Mombasa and advised my husband to head back home,” she stated.

Nyakang’o claims that she was transported to Mombasa on Monday evening and  that she reached there early on Tuesday. According to the CoB, they landed in Mombasa at around seven in the morning. She mentioned that before she was brought before the court, the detectives who  had traveled with her to Mombasa turned her over to their colleagues there.

Nyakang’o was accused of robbing someone of Ksh 29 million before the Mombasa Law Courts.In 2019, she was also charged with faking a signature and running FEB Sacco Society Limited without a current license from the Sacco Regulatory Authority.She questioned the circumstances of her detention and the reason she was the only one of the 11 accused to be arraigned in court during the interview.

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