US offers Ruto With More Funds to Enhance Soil Quality

US offers Ruto With More Funds to Enhance Soil Quality

US offers Ruto With More Funds to Enhance Soil Quality

Ksh1.5 billion (USD 10 million) has been given to Kenya and Ghana by the US Department of State. It is anticipated that these funds will increase agricultural productivity in both nations, especially with regard to soil fertility.The initiatives will support resilient crops, climate-smart agriculture, and adaptation strategies, according to a statement from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo said, “The benefits of this project will come to smallholder farmers and communities in the two countries with the additional funding from the United States.”

The funding, she continued, would also highlight how important it is to have rich,  healthy soil in order to increase a building’s resistance to the effects of climate  change. In the meantime, the US emphasized that the funds will help the people in Ghana  and Kenya. Additionally, farmers will receive technical support to increase soil fertility by  using water and fertilizer more effectively. The United States of America uses a number of methods, including thorough soil  sampling and thorough laboratory examination of soil samples, to improve soil  fertility.

“Central to the effort is the mapping of soil nutrients and functional soil properties at a detailed level through well-designed soil survey and analysis, as well as developing techniques to monitor them over time,” stated a portion of the statement.

Following President William Ruto’s successful negotiation of a Ksh31 billion agreement with the United Kingdom on Tuesday, Kenya committed to ensuring food production by designating over 11,700 hectares for climate-smart farming.

According to President Ruto, there is no other option for Kenya to map out a course for self-sufficiency.Since taking office in September 2022, Ruto has supported more policies aimed at promoting farming among Kenyans. He implemented fertilizer subsidies as one of his first actions after taking office.

The Head of State introduced two credit programs designed to give farmers access to low-cost loans in August. “The credit will be provided at single-digit rates to further reduce our cost of production and enhance productivity,” Ruto stated.

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