Teacher at Primary School Kills Retired A  colleague

Teacher at Primary School Kills Retired A colleague

Teacher at Primary School Kills Retired A colleague

An elderly colleague, aged 65, was killed by a 47-year-old primary school teacher in Kianjege village, Ndia, Kirinyaga County, on Monday, shocking the village. The offender, Elijah Wanjohi, allegedly told his older sister to take him to the Kianjege police station over the phone. He admitted to killing Caxton Mbuthia, a buddy whose lifeless body was found in Wanjohi’s compound, in an unsettling discovery.

Elijah Wanjohi’s family shared that he had previously struggled with excessive drinking, having been admitted to a rehabilitation center three months ago. Despite hopes for a positive transformation during his stay at the center, the tragic incident unfolded. Wanjohi, who had been separated from his wife and children for three years, shocked the community by murdering Mbuthia, a close friend.

Wanjohi and Mbuthia were spotted drinking with another man at the Kianjege retail center, which set off a chain of events that resulted in the crime. When they were leaving a neighborhood pub around two in the morning, Mbuthia decided to go with Wanjohi to his house. The specifics of what happened thereafter are still unknown.

The police, led by Ndia sub-county police officer Moses Koskei, discovered the victim’s body in Wanjohi’s compound at 11 am. Caxton Mbuthia had sustained severe injuries inflicted with a fork jembe. Wanjohi was promptly taken into custody and transported to the Baricho police station for questioning.

Mbuthia’s body was transported simultaneously to the mortuary of Karatina Hospital for a post-mortem examination. The unexpected and horrific turn of events involving two people who were formerly thought to be close friends has left the community perplexed.

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