Voi River burst its banks and  search operations begins

Voi River burst its banks and  search operations begins

Voi River burst its banks and  search operations begins

The Voi River breached its banks on Monday, prompting the National Government and the Taita Taveta County government to begin rescue efforts.The roaring torrent is said to have carried away an undetermined number of households.

One of the 33 autonomous units in the nation impacted by El Nino flooding is Taita Taveta County.A statement from the Kenya Red Cross, which is assisting several government agencies with rescue efforts, states that numerous villages along the river’s course have been impacted.

Families in Msambweni, Tanzania, Gaza, Shauri Moyo, Marapu, and Mkwachunyi in Taita Taveta County have reportedly been forced to flee due to the flooding of the river. Unverified accounts claim that one middle-aged woman was carried away and drowned, increasing the number of fatalities from the accident to eight.

The river that is flooded presently is composed of several streams that come from the Taita Hills. Every rainy season sees a steady increase in the river’s volume, particularly during Taita Hills’ intense downpours.

The heavy rains caused by El Nino floods have made this situation even worse. The area’s residents have also been criticized for their heavy sand gathering, which has exposed the river to flooding. Normally, the river travels through Kilifi County and Tsavo East National Park before emptying into the Indian Ocean.

The catastrophe strikes as the Ministry of Interior is completing preparations to evacuate more than 30,000 Kenyans who may be impacted by water.

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