Police Found Dead After Leaving Station for Shop

Police Found Dead After Leaving Station for Shop

Police Found Dead After Leaving Station for Shop

Athi River Police Station officer who had left his station to visit a neighboring shop was discovered dead on Friday beside a railroad track in Machakos County.As per a report obtained from Occurrence Book (OB), the 58-year-old officer was last observed departing his station on Thursday night at approximately 9 p.m.

The corpse was found the next morning by a village chief, according to police records. Subsequently, the chief informed the officer’s colleagues about the situation. The police report states that the officer’s left ear and head both suffered  significant cuts on their bodies.

Initial inquiries suggest that the attack might have involved the use of sharp objects.”At the site, there were obvious signs of struggle. At 2100 hours at night, he was last observed departing the assignment area and making his way to the shop.

A portion of the police report stated, “The scene was processed and the body was moved to Shalom Funeral Morgue pending autopsy.”The cop who was going to the business wound up close to the train line, and the police said they would keep looking into it.

It was unclear, nevertheless, if the cop had previously received death threats.More information regarding his final moments prior to the attack is anticipated to be revealed by forensic examination of his cell phone.

However, police stated that when the matter was looked into with assistance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), a thorough report would be released to the public.As of the publication, no one has been taken into custody. Nor had the murder weapons been located.

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