Good News To Teachers Who Have Stagnated In Same Job Group

Good News To Teachers Who Have Stagnated In Same Job Group

Good News To Teachers Who Have Stagnated In Same Job Group

The Teachers Service Commission  (TSC) is  mandated by the Constitution to  oversee employee registration, hiring,  advancement, and disciplinary actions. According to its mandate, the commission  has made a request to the parliament  for Ksh 10 billion to be allocated for the  next fiscal year.

This funding request accomplishes two goals: it advances the careers of educators  who have been sidelined within their job categories and makes it easier to hire  interns and permanent instructors alike.

The CEO of TSC, Dr. Nancy Macharia, stressed that these funds are critical for  important areas that were disregarded in the previous fiscal year, which ended in  June.

A portion of the requested money, totaling Ksh 2 billion, is designated for the  competitive promotion of teachers, as Dr. Macharia informed the Parliament. Furthermore, Ksh 1.2 billion is suggested for the hiring of intern teachers, and a  sizeable Ksh 5.3 billion is required for the permanent hiring of 8,000 instructors.

During her presentation to the Parliament Committee on Education, Dr. Macharia underscored the significance of these allocations, expressing the commission’s gratitude for any facilitation in ensuring their approval. This development brings optimistic prospects for teachers who have been stagnant in job groups, as it opens avenues for advancement and improved terms of service.

Additionally, many unemployed teachers who have already registered with the  Teachers Service Commission are relieved about the anticipated budget allocation,  which holds out the possibility of participation and work prospects in the education  sector.

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