A Building Under Construction Collapses in  Eastleigh

A Building Under Construction Collapses in Eastleigh

A Building Under Construction Collapses in Eastleigh

A storey building in Eastleigh that was under construction collapsed on Saturday, thought to have killed at least four people.Some of the victims were construction workers at the site, according to eyewitnesses.

Locals raced to the spot after the catastrophe to assist in the rescue of some of the victims. An additional six people were hurt.”A building that was under construction in the Eastleigh region fell, resulting in at least four workers dying from their wounds. The Red Cross branch in Nairobi claimed that the event happened today afternoon along Muratina Road when the staff were active on the scene.

Furthermore, Adamson Bungei, the chief of Nairobi County police, verified the occurrence and stated that efforts were in progress to rescue individuals buried beneath the debris.According to Bungei, when investigations were conducted to determine what caused the fallen structure, some of the victims were hurried to the hospital and the deceased were transferred to the morgue.

The police boss emphasised that despite all the workers on duty being accounted for, rescue operations would continue in case a resident was trapped under the rubble.The building set to be a residential apartment started to tear apart with some materials falling to the ground.

While the building was under construction, a section of Kenyans complained that the workers had blocked the drainage system with some of the construction materials.They also pointed out that the construction was disrupting traffic along the Muratina road in the estate.

This tragedy raises concerns about how buildings are permitted for construction and the materials utilized, coming just one week after another building in Kirinyaga County that was also under construction fell. Kenyans want the appropriate authorities to strengthen their restrictions for construction approval nationwide, and they also want contractors to refrain from using inferior materials.

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