Why UDA MPs Turning Against Ruto

Why UDA MPs Turning Against Ruto

Why UDA MPs Turning Against Ruto

David Ndii, the economic advisor to President William Ruto, revealed on Friday the reasons behind the growing dissatisfaction of the majority of MPs elected under the Kenya Kwanza banner with the Head of State. The President’s Council of Economic Advisors Chairperson, Ndii, stated that lawmakers were displaying annoyance since there weren’t enough government contracts.

The economist’s comments came at a moment when a number of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) members, who are in power, had openly questioned the President of State’s decisions and policies. Ndii claimed that the hostility stemmed from President William Ruto’s efforts to prevent politicians from arbitrarily awarding themselves tenders.

“Many MPs from the tenderpreneur generation are perplexed; they believe that the Kenya Kwanza win is a return to the days of Skyteam, where they could enter a ministry, leave with a project, or enter a parastatal and leave with a tender,” Ndii said. “They’re going to get some much-needed character growth.”

Days before to Ndii’s comments, Kapenguria MP Chumel Moroto, who was elected on the UDA ticket, had expressed sorrow about his decision to support Ruto. The MP expressed sorrow for backing Ruto, saying, “I am a member of UDA, and I regret why I chose it, and it may even cost me a place in heaven. I pray for forgiveness from God.” Moroto had said that the President had promised a lot of things that were not being carried on, such as addressing insecurity.

Didmus Barasa, a Kimilili MP who fiercely backed Ruto on November 15, criticized the President for breaking pledges. The Member of Parliament pointed out that Ruto was having difficulty bringing down living expenses and went on to accuse the President of ignoring his supporters. Amidst rising taxes, he said, “Let us focus on how we are going to reconstruct the economy and how we are going to lower the cost of living.”

The administration has come under fire from other Kenya Kwanza coalition MPs and Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) for raising taxes and gasoline costs.

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