Mackenzie Imprisoned for a Year For  Operating a Studio

Mackenzie Imprisoned for a Year For Operating a Studio

Mackenzie Imprisoned for a Year For Operating a Studio

Paul Mackenzie, a controversial pastor, was convicted to one year in prison by a Malindi court for running a studio and making movies without a license.According to the verdict, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) did not authorize the video content that was made in 2019. This was determined by Malindi Senior Resident Magistrate Olga Onalo. The controversial pastor linked to the Shakahola deaths was also denied an option to pay a fine.

The preacher was also given a further six-month jail sentence by Magistrate Onalo for displaying the video clip on television without a license. According to Onalo, the jail sentences would expire concurrently. Mackenzie has 14 days from the date the verdict was delivered to file an appeal, according to the Magistrate. The priest was found guilty of the offenses by the High Court last month after the prosecution presented enough evidence to support its case.

“A Paul Mackenzie was found guilty of running a filming studio without a valid filming license and possessing and distributing unclassified films. Joseph Mwangi of the prosecution proved their point.The prosecution said that the pastor promoted other contentious beliefs in addition to showing movies that encouraged kids to skip school. Mackenzie was also connected to the Shakahola deaths of more than 400 followers.According to a report submitted by Mombasa Nick Makuu, Assistant Director of Probation, the preacher was found guilty and fined in 2017 on similar allegations.

On the other hand, he was found not guilty of running unregistered educational institutes or of radicalization.

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