3 Suspects Escape From Police Cell Set Off Manhunt

3 Suspects Escape From Police Cell Set Off Manhunt

3 Suspects Escape From Police Cell Set Off Manhunt

Following the Monday morning escape of three suspects from the Sio Port Police Station in Busia, local law enforcement officials in the area have begun a manhunt.The three reportedly left the cell where they were being held on remand without the cops on patrol noticing them.

It is believed that the trio made their way out of the police station based in Funyula using a blunt object to cut the grills of the cells. Police officers drawn from the larger Busia County have already launched a manhunt for the three suspects whose whereabouts remain largely unknown.

Investigators are also looking into how the suspects obtained access to the blunt item they staged their escape with.Confirming the escape, an anonymous Busia-based police officer was contacted.

The policeman from Busia said, “Yes, they escaped this morning. We are still looking for them.”The three individuals were taken into custody following many violent incidents involving robberies in the area.On July 4, 2023, nine individuals who had outstanding cases in Isiolo broke out of a police cell.They broke the lock on the cell they were being held in and made their escape around four in the morning.

The police and sentry staffing the OB desk realized many hours into the day that  the offenders had fled, even though the holding cells were very next to the counter. There were nine suspects, including minors, whose cases had already been heard  and were pending a decision.

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