Price Drops on 8 Basic Items – KNBS

Price Drops on 8 Basic Items – KNBS

Price Drops on 8 Basic Items – KNBS

On Thursday, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics said that the prices of eight essential goods had decreased in November as compared to October. One food item that saw the biggest percentage decline, 6.5%, was maize flour (2-kg packet). The only item that did better was potatoes, which saw a 7.1% drop (1 kilogram).

Electricity prices dropped by 1 per cent and 1.2 per cent for 200 Kilowatts and 50 Kilowatts respectively. Other basic goods whose prices dropped included Sukumawiki (2.4 per cent), Maize grain (3.3 per cent) and cabbages (3.6 per cent).

Kenyans were able to purchase one litre of kerosene at a 1% discount over October  thanks to the reinstatement of the subsidy scheme. A litre of fuel also resulted in a price reduction of the same amount.

Tomatoes (17.7%), Oranges (3.8%), Wheat Flour (3.3%), Carrots (2.7%), Beef (1.9%), and Onions (1.1%) were among the food items reporting price increases.President William Ruto promised to lower the cost of cooking gas for every Kenyan, yet the price of a 13-kilogram container of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) increased by 1.1%.

Kenyans employed in the building industry will also be impacted by the sharp 1.1% increase in cement costs. According to KNBS’s announcement, the nation’s inflation rate decreased to 6.8% in November from 6.9% in the previous month.

The food industry, along with the transportation, housing, and utility sectors, all contributed to the pace of inflation. The KNBS announcement was released the day after President Ruto gave Kenyans assurances that the cost of living has decreased under his Kenya Kwanza administration.

“We all decided to confront the cost of living in a sufficient manner. Today, I can claim from this podium that the price of unga was Ksh240 at this same time last year. At the Hustler Fund’s first anniversary at Green Park Garden, the President said, “As I speak, the prices have dropped to between KSh 140 and 130.”

The opposition, however, insisted that because Kenyans were having difficulty making ends meet, the president had not yet fulfilled his pledge. Opposition leader Raila Odinga threatened on Wednesday, November 29, saying, “At all times, we will retain the right to call on the people to take steps that we deem necessary to force the government to lower the cost of living.”

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