Okanga accused of abusing Ruto

Okanga accused of abusing Ruto

Okanga accused of abusing Ruto

After being taken into custody on Wednesday, Nuru Maloba Okanga was arraigned before the Milimani Law Court on Thursday, November 30.The ardent supporter of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) was accused of disseminating misleading material on a YouTube channel.

The charging document states that on November 20, Okanga disclosed the material with President William Ruto in mind.”On November 20, in an undisclosed location within the Republic of Kenya, a video with derogatory and threatening language was uploaded to YouTube by a group of individuals who were not in court.

“Information you knew to be false and calculated to discredit the reputation of a state officer and a which intend to provoke a breach of the peace,” reads a portion of the document.The prospective lawmaker was charged with violating the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act of 2018, which stipulates that disseminating false material on the internet can result in a Ksh5 million fine, five years in jail, or both.

Threats from Okanga to the President and a few of his cronies were audible in the aforementioned video.Okanga asked that the current administration recognize Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM party, and argued that it was weakening the opposition.

He also criticized the Kenya Kwanza government in the nine-minute video, which he claimed was the cause of his current situation.His wife disclosed to police that policemen had searched his home and sought to use his phone without a court order while he was being held.

“I threw his phone beneath the mattress so they couldn’t take it from me.” But when they went to call him, they groped for the phone that rang beneath the bed,” she related.The wife demanded that her husband be freed and asked that police treat arresting policemen with compassion. In addition, she claimed that prior to stuffing Okanga into the trunk of their car, they took away both her and his phones.

Okanga’s inability to be reached by phone made matters worse, leaving the family concerned about his security and welfare. If someone violates the law, treat them with decency throughout their arrest and inform them of their charges. She said, “I have no idea where he is being held.”

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