MPs Demand TSC to Cancel Teachers’ Medical Cover

MPs Demand TSC to Cancel Teachers’ Medical Cover

MPs Demand TSC to Cancel Teachers’ Medical Cover

Parliamentarians are pushing for the end of the Sh53 billion teacher health program. The National Assembly Education Committee accused Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers Ltd. of causing pain to teachers and challenged the corporation to explain the allocation.MPs revealed that teachers had petitioned for intervention, claiming they were denied healthcare because Minet was not paying them and there were delays in clearances.

Teachers complained that, in contrast to other programs, Minet-affiliated medical facilities could take up to four days to discharge patients. They also have limitations on using medical services for seven days following treatment. In June, the requirement was declared null and void, but teachers insisted they were still required to co-pay an additional Sh100 while visiting hospitals.

The committee found out that the insurance generated about Sh300 million in revenue from three million hospital visits per year. In the 2015 agreement with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), educators were guaranteed limitless access to outpatient and inpatient care, an annual maternity services coverage of Sh120,000, optical coverage of Sh60,000, and dental coverage up to Sh40,000.

Sammy Muthui, the CEO of Minet, found it difficult to defend the deal during a meeting. Committee Chairman Julius Melly expressed his disapproval of the execution, highlighting the need for value for money for teachers. Muthui

guaranteed the special features and advantages of the plan, pointing out difficulties brought on by the high number of lives covered.

Peter Oraro, a Kibra MP, questioned the company’s capacity to deliver high-quality services in spite of the allocation. Muthui promised to take corrective action despite acknowledging volume-related difficulties. The committee decided that Minet’s executives needed to show up on December 5 in order to give documented responses that were supported by evidence.

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