UDA MP Demands KNEC Officials Resign

UDA MP Demands KNEC Officials Resign

UDA Njeri Maina of Kirinyaga Woman Representative has called for the resignation of top Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) officials due to anomalies that have been detected in the results of the 2023 KCPE.Maina questioned the Council’s decision to expedite the marking process rather than taking all necessary precautions to guarantee the integrity of the exams during her speech to legislators on Wednesday in Parliament.

Njeri specifically asked why the council deviated from the Ministry of Education’s initial schedule, which stated that the results would be made public prior to Christmas.Maina thus demands that KNEC representatives answer for the irregularities.

“KCPE started on the 30th of last month. Why was it so urgent to mark the exams and announce the results? We cannot continue to debate these issues, thus this house must demand investigations,” she said.”KNEC needs to answer to the Kenyan people and the children of this country.” Should they be unable to, they must step down immediately.”

Furthermore, the Woman Representative made a demand that KNEC furnish details  regarding the recipients of the Ksh25 fee to each parent and candidate who sent an  SMS requesting their exam results. She insisted on receiving the money back from the beneficiaries.

“My focus is on the Ksh25 per parent that is being charged. Maina clarified, “We need to know who was given the contract to procure this  house and make sure they send the SMS to the parents or the students.” “There were gains stated that were made unlawfully because some of the parents  were charged more than once. If you pay for a service under a contract of service, you anticipate receiving it.”

“We want to know if it was a mobile provider or a third-party agent so that they can be held accountable and refund the public money that  they have illegally obtained.”

She went on to warn that future national exams’ integrity and reputation would be determined by how the nation handles the current crisis.Citing significant irregularities in the KCPE results, a group of irate parents had filed a petition to halt the Form One placement process.But instead of stopping the procedure, the High Court moved the matter to February 7, 2024.

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