Kuppet Demands JSS Teachers Confirmation Into PnP

Kuppet Demands JSS Teachers Confirmation Into PnP

Kuppet Demands JSS Teachers Confirmation Into PnP

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is being urged by the Kenya Union of  Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) to grant permanent and pensionable  status to Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers who are currently employed  under internship contracts. KUPPET Chairman David Barasa expressed the dissatisfaction of JSS teachers  during protests at the Kanduyi NG-CDF headquarters in Bungoma, saying that it is unjust for those who had  internship contracts.

Politicians who ignore those who have been looking for work for a long time by sending employment letters to young grads have come under fire from Barasa. In the hiring process, he emphasized the need of giving teachers with earlier degrees priority.

Barasa called on the KUPPET national office, headed by Secretary General Akello Misori and Chairman Omboko Milemba, to move quickly to secure permanent and pensionable terms for all JSS teachers through interaction with the TSC.

This demand extends beyond Bungoma, as JSS teachers in Trans-Nzoia, Narok, Vihiga, and Kericho counties are also seeking permanent inclusion by the TSC, according to Barasa.

Barasa drew attention to the possible repercussions and spoke of a scarcity of instructors in the future should young teachers decide to quit the field out of ongoing frustration. He highlighted the difficulties in incorporating JSS into primary sections, pointing out that the Competency-Based Curriculum’s (CBC) practical components lacked sufficient infrastructure.

Barasa declared that KUPPET would send a memorandum to the County TSC director in Bungoma, asking immediate action on behalf of JSS teachers across the country, highlighting KUPPET’s concern about the JSS issue. He added that there are 1,586 teachers working in 793 JSS centers.

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