KNEC Revises Candidate Score

KNEC Revises Candidate Score

KNEC Revises Candidate Score

The 13-year-old KCPE candidate Prudence Shalimba of Ileho Village in Kakamega County’s Shinyalu constituency was relieved when the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) changed her exam results from 358 to 409. Former Mukango Hope Academy student Prudence was first taken aback by her lower-than-expected score. Her reported marks did not correspond with her academic performance, even though she was index one. Prudence’s parents, horrified by the disparity, chose to file a complaint, and the result was an improved score of 409.

Prudence described her first dismay, saying, “I was devastated because those were not my true marks.” Prudence’s mother gave her daughter the updated test results during a church service, elevating Prudence to the top of her class. Prudence’s parents were resolved to make things right.

After experiencing emotional turmoil for several days and even skipping meals, Prudence expressed her relief and confirmed the accuracy of the updated scores, highlighting her steady performance in Kiswahili and her goal score of 400 overall. She stated her goals, saying she wanted to go to Kenya High School and become a physician.

Prudence’s mother, Gladys Shalimba, expressed concern over the initial marks, disputing the authenticity of a score as low as 358, particularly in Kiswahili, Prudence’s favorite subject. The family urged Knec and the Ministry of Education to exercise diligence in result releases to prevent confusion among students and parents.

The family had originally planned a celebration, but after the first disappointing set of results, they called it off. But in light of the updated higher grades, they are organizing a cheerful celebration as a way to show their appreciation.

The director of Mukango Hope Academy, Japheth Aliata, expressed worries over the results’ hurried distribution and asked Knec and the Ministry of Education to carefully examine and proofread them before making them available to the public. He underlined the financial consequences of getting ready for a remarking procedure and the possibility of legal action in the event that there are notable variations in the results, emphasizing the grief that these disparities bring.

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