Nairobi Kanjos Demolish Shops

Nairobi Kanjos Demolish Shops

Nairobi Kanjos Demolish Shops

On Tuesday, Nairobi County askaris, also known as kanjos, broke into business enterprises near the Nairobi bus terminal and destroyed the shops, leaving the traders stunned.The proprietors of the businesses were incensed when they saw the officers smashing apart the stores with sledgehammers during the raid.

Reportedly, the stores that are being dismantled were built without permission and had chewed into the bus station reserve.There were some traders who could be heard begging the Kanjos not to destroy the buildings because they are essential to their daily lives.

But the unfazed kanjos continued their exercises, some of them even giving advice on how to perform the entire drill.One of them told them to “demolish everything but not the containers.”

Some of the traders could be seen running into the shops to try to salvage their inventory even as the demolitions continued.Others watched helplessly, aware that a significant blow had been dealt to their livelihoods.

The impacted merchants made an effort to clarify that they had been residing in such buildings for years, but their requests were ignored.The incident has infuriated some Kenyans, who have bemoaned the lack of assistance from the ruling Kenya Kwanza government, which came to office on the platform of the ‘hustler’ story.

Others urged Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to establish infrastructure to support Nairobi’s small-scale vendors.They also requested that he devise more effective plans for moving the traders out of the forbidden zones in order to prevent the county administration from continually dismantling their buildings.

Others questioned why the structures were permitted to exist in the first place and why they were given permission to function for an extended period of time while paying business permits.After kanjos attacked sellers in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) in October, Kenyans took to social media to criticize the Nairobi County government.The merchants of eggs and smokies had their carts seized by the cops.

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