Mps Want Details Of The Released KCPE  Results

Mps Want Details Of The Released KCPE Results

Mps Want Details Of The Released KCPE Results

CS Machogu Will Respond To Inquiries As MPs Ask For Specifics Regarding The KCPE Results That Were Released.

According to Citizen Digital, a group of MPs, led by Marakwet West legislator Timothy Kipchumba Toroitich and Tinderet MP Julius Melly, have expressed concerns over purported anomalies in the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results.

They intend to call Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu before the parliamentary assembly to confront alleged inefficiency in response to these worries. Speaking at a fundraising event, Toroitich claimed that the exam lacked credibility and fairness. He gave examples of pupils in the same school receiving the same grade and some even getting credit for assignments they did not complete. The chairman of the education committee, Toroitich, promised to look into everything thoroughly and demanded responsibility.

The National Assembly Education Committee’s chair, Melly, argued that the Kenya National Examinations Council’s (KNEC) publicly disclosed results lacked credibility. When pupils received the same grades on the exam, he expressed doubts about either the people who marked the papers or the exam monitoring activity.

Kesses Member of Parliament Julius Ruto expressed concern, stating that the incident had shattered the aspirations of many students aiming for excellence in the exam. Ruto questioned the purpose of Machogu expediting the marking process, emphasizing the need for seriousness in handling such matters.

The leaders pushed for a reassessment of the exam results as a group. KNEC had already admitted problems, citing errors and appeals in results received using the short number 40054 issued by the Ministry of Education. CEO of KNEC David Njengere drew attention to misalignment problems in the Kiswahili results by highlighting mistakes in placement at the Kenyan Sign Language.

The current state of affairs emphasizes how crucial it is to preserve the integrity of national exams and how important it is to have an open and accountable examination procedure. The focus is still on resolving the MPs’ concerns and making sure that corrective action is taken to rebuild trust in the education assessment system as parliamentary discussions approach.

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