KNUT Now Wants KNEC To Refund This Money To Parents

KNUT Now Wants KNEC To Refund This Money To Parents

KNUT Now Wants KNEC To Refund This Money To Parents

David Obuon, the Kenya National Union  of Teachers’ Executive Secretary for the  Kisumu branch, is pleading with the Kenya  National Examinations Council (KNEC)  to accept accountability for the  inconsistencies and mistakes noted  in the KCPE  exams of 2023.

In particular, he demands an explanation for the problems from KNEC CEO  Dr. David Njengere and holds him responsible.Obuon asserts that the inaccuracies and discrepancies in the KCPE results have caused considerable distress and confusion among students, parents, and teachers. He contends that KNEC is obligated to ensure the issuance of accurate and reliable results, with any errors promptly rectified.

Moreover, Obuon calls for a refund of the money spent during the delay in results transmission via SMS, emphasizing the inconvenience caused to parents. During a press conference, he questions whether parents will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred when results were not promptly delivered.

Obuon emphasizes the possible harm to impacted pupils while pointing out that  the education sector is already facing many difficulties, and these errors further  damage the legitimacy and integrity of the testing procedure.

Kisumu-based KNUT leaders are pushing for a thorough probe into the issue and are calling  on KNEC and the Ministry of Education to respond quickly with answers. They want assurances that steps will be taken to prevent similar problems in future  exams, as well as detailed explanations of the origin of the inaccuracies.

Furthermore, Obuon recommends that KNEC work with pertinent parties, like as  teachers’ unions and academic specialists, to create plans that guarantee an open  and reliable examination system. He emphasizes how crucial it is to rebuild trust in the testing process because it  directly affects students’ prospects for the future.

In order to ensure fair and accurate results for all KCPE candidates, KNUT officials  hope that their concerns would be immediately addressed by KNEC and the Ministry  of Education.

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