Kirinyaga Lynches Two Chicken Thieves

Kirinyaga Lynches Two Chicken Thieves

Kirinyaga Lynches Two Chicken Thieves

Two suspected chicken thieves were set on fire by enraged residents of Kangai village in Mwea-west, Kirinyaga County on Sunday morning.

A local neighbor named Damaris Wairimu said that the two were two of three persons who had taken chicken among other items. When the alarm went off at around three in the morning, the residents came right away and lit the two on fire while one of them managed to get away.

Kirinyaga locals have lamented the rise in livestock and fowl theft incidents. John Munene stated, “We are concerned about the rising cases of theft in our region because we depend on livestock.” “The thieves have a habit of raiding homes at night, making away with chicken,” a resident, added.The incident comes amid a rise in cases of poultry theft in the area.

Residents were cautioned against taking matters into their own hands by Mathigaini assistant chief Jane Wawira, who arrived right away and was joined by officers from the Kangai Police Post. Police have however urged locals to report such cases as opposed to taking the law into their own hands.

The two suspects’ remains were brought to the mortuary at Kerugoya Hospital so they could be identified.

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