KCPE results inconsistencies shocked parents and schools

KCPE results inconsistencies shocked parents and schools

KCPE results inconsistencies shocked parents and schools

There appear to have been inconsistencies  in the Kenya Certificate of Primary  Education (KCPE) results, which were  announced on 23/11/2023.

Incorrect marks were given to certain applicants by the Kenya National Examination  Council (KNEC), and grades were given for subjects that the candidates did not take.

Additionally, there were cases where candidates with equal results were given  different grades, and vice versa, with lower scores earning higher grades.

Concerned candidates, parents, and schools have communicated their grievances to the Kenya National Examination Council, urging rectification.

Eddy Ikonge Bosire who sat her KCPE at Kari Primary School in Kisii is among the many students who were awarded marks erroneously.

According to a message she received, Bosire was awarded a grade A plain in English which is different from what is in the portal which indicates that she scored an A minus. Another noticeable error in Bosire’s case is the awarding of marks for the Kenya Sign Language subject instead of the Kiswahili language in which she was examined.

The situation involving Eddy Bosire is similar  to that of several applicants who have asked  the Kenya National Examination Council to  have their KCPE scores reviewed.

The people that contacted us have comparable differences. It was especially common to assign grades for subjects they did not take exams for.

Additionally, several applicants had grades that were different from their marks. One candidate, for example, obtained a B plain grade for Social Studies and  Religion with a score of 74, whereas another candidate, for the same subject,  received a B plus grade with a score of 73.

In response to our inquiries, KNEC stated that it had received complaints from a  number of schools and candidates.

Candidates have 30 days to raise concerns about the examination body and the  system, according to KNEC CEO Dr. David Njengere. They can do this by contacting  the sub-county director of education.

Njengere, however, blamed the SMS service provider for the problem, saying that  KNEC was not to blame for the difficulties the candidates encountered.

He continued by saying that the issue was brought up with the service provider  early on Friday and had since been resolved.

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