133 KCPE Candidates Received Inaccurate Marks 

133 KCPE Candidates Received Inaccurate Marks 

133 KCPE Candidates Received Inaccurate Marks 

Notably, Njeng’ere brought up issues with  Kiswahili and English classes, as  applicants questioned their poor grades.

Knec verified the 133 impacted applicants and guaranteed that their cases had  been handled, with results updated appropriately, following a review of all appeals.

The CEO further revealed instances where results were misaligned, causing marks and grades in Kiswahili to be placed in the Kenyan Sign Language section. Additionally, errors occurred in Science, Social Studies, and Religious Education grades, where plus (+) and minus (-) signs were incorrectly truncated.

Njeng’ere clarified that the SMS results were affected due to configuration issues, assuring that the results on the KNEC portal remained accurate. The examination council promptly notified the SMS service provider, and the error in text messages was swiftly resolved.

Njeng’ere encouraged candidates to visit their schools to receive official provisional  results sheets in order to assure correctness. She also emphasized the importance  of addressing any questions within the allotted 30-day window.

Kneck has defended Brainstar School in Isiolo from charges of cheating on exams,  particularly those pertaining to the consistency of the science paper results in the  KCPE. KNEC explained in a statement released on Saturday, November 25, that even  though every candidate received a 75% on the science exam, there was no evidence  of exam misconduct at the school.

Addressing concerns about the similarity in candidates’ results, KNEC explained that the science subject is a multiple-choice paper, and the likelihood of candidates providing identical answers does not necessarily constitute exam irregularity. The council emphasized the need for supporting evidence to validate claims of cheating during the exam administration.

The Ministry of Education declared the 2023 KCPE results for 1,406,557 candidates  on November 23, in spite of the difficulties. The highest scorer received 428 marks.

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