Man charged of offering fake Canadian jobs,How to check agency’s legibility

Man charged of offering fake Canadian jobs

Man charged of offering fake Canadian jobs

A guy has been prosecuted in court  for defrauding two Kenyans by feigning  to offer  them jobs in Canada.

Abdallah Yussuf Aluora entered a not guilty plea and requested a liberal bond  condition when he was charged before Kibera Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi.

The accused allegedly cheated Aggrey Milimu and Ephantus Ndug’u of Sh40,000  and Sh73,000, respectively, on various days between December 15, 2022, and  February 7, 2023, according to testimony given in court.

The prosecution did not object to his release on bond.The magistrate released him on Sh100,000 cash bail with the surety of the same amount.The matter will be mentioned on September 11 for mentioned further directions.


1.Recruitment must be conducted by an Agent who has been properly registered with  the National Employment Authority (NEA) by the Ministry of Labour and Social  Protection.Details of registered Agents are provided at

2.Make sure you ask for documentation  of the agent’s current certificate of  registration and confirm this on the  NEA website.

3.Steer clear of unlicensed brokers and subagents. 4.The State Department of Labor, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the  recruiting agency, and the Employment Contract itself must all properly validate  the document, which must be in English. 5.Make sure you comprehend all of the terms and conditions of employment by  carefully reading the Employment Contract. Make sure you complete all required  pre-departure training at the appropriately certified training facilities. 6.Don’t give the recruitment agent any money before double-checking at, the National Employment Authority.

7.Complaints on labour contract should be directed to the Principal Secretary, State Department of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and copy to Director General, National Employment Authority (NEA)on

Tel: 254 (020) 785 5746 /254(020)7855747


Check before departure

  • Ensure you have a Passport with validity of at least six (6) months.
  • Secure a valid Visa/Pass which must be stamped on your passport or accompany your Passport. Confirm that your Visa is for the category for which you applied.
  • Always keep a photocopy of your Passport and Visa.
  • You must possess a copy of the Employment Contract signed by you and your foreign employer duly attested by the State Department for Labour, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.
  • Acquaint yourself with local Labor Laws, working and living conditions of the intended country of employment.
  • Acquire the contacts (address, telephone, email) of Kenya’s Diplomatic representation in the intended country of employment.

In the country of your employment

  • Secure custody of your Passport and signed Employment Contract at all times. Provide copies of the same to your Next of Kin.
  • Do not sign any other Employment Contract or any blank paper.
  • Upon arrival, register with Kenya’s Diplomatic Representation as provided for in your Passport and avail a copy of your Passport and Employment Contract via email. This is mandatory to facilitate Consular Services at the earliest possible.
  • In the event of loss or damage of Passport, notify Kenya’s Diplomatic Representation immediately.
  • Ensure your Employer processes a Resident/Work Permit.
  • Fully comply with the Labour Laws including restraint to participate in strikes, protests or agitations which maybe illegal and therefore lead to arrest, imprisonment and or deportation.
  • In the event of breach of contract including delay or nonpayment of wages or compensation thereof, or any complain, inform Kenya’s Diplomatic Representation.
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