TSC Stripped County Directors Powers

TSC Stripped County Directors Powers

TSC Stripped County Directors Powers

By taking away County Directors’ and Sub-County Directors’ (SCDs’) powers to post and transfer teachers by SMS, the  Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has created uncertainty for the  promotional interviews that are set to take place next month. The warning instructs CDs to cease all deployments to administrative roles until  guidelines are formed, and it is distributed by regional directors (RDs).

It further centralizes the authority for transfer proposals to the Deputy Director (DD) for Staffing at TSC headquarters, pending the review and communication of revised guidelines.

This unexpected move has sparked uncertainty about the fate of teachers awaiting promotion and deployment following successful August interviews. Previously decentralized to counties, the functions of deployment and transfer were entrusted to CDs and SCDs in collaboration with RDs. The abrupt centralization leaves the status of teachers awaiting promotions and transfers in limbo.

The August elevation of teachers by the Commission to administrative positions  with the intention of deploying them to new stations has clouded the future for  over 3,000 successful candidates, as per the recent SMS message. Field officers have expressed concerns regarding the unusual mode of  communication, asking why such important information was sent by SMS instead  of official channels like an internal memo or circular.

In response to inquiries, TSC Head of Operations Gabriel Mathenge expressed unawareness of the communication but suggested it might serve as a reminder to field officers regarding the non-occurrence of transfers during the exam period. The fate of the impending promotional interviews to fill 36,053 advertised vacancies also remains uncertain in light of these developments.

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