Maximum License Fee for Alcohol Trade Set at Ksh1 Million

Maximum License Fee for Alcohol Trade Set at Ksh1 Million

Maximum License Fee for Alcohol Trade Set at Ksh1 Million

A Ksh1 million maximum licensing cost for the alcohol trade was announced on Wednesday by NACADA, the National Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The government agency states that all companies that import or export alcoholic beverages into Kenya are required to pay this licence charge.

The Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee’s licensing responsibilities  have been assumed by NACADA, according to a statement. A portion of the announcement stated, “Fees payable are according to the volumes  intended to be imported or exported in the coming period of twelve months.”

A Ksh1 million licensing fee must be paid annually by traders who import or export  one million liters. Tradesmen will pay Ksh5,000,000 for volumes up to 999,999 liters; every volume  below that will incur a Ksh250,000 licencing fee.

NACADA stated that the certificate will be processed within 14 days after an application has been made. 

How to Apply for an Alcohol Licence in Kenya

Interested applicants must download a form from the NACADA website and submit their duly filled Application Form to the appointed receiving officer within the legal department.

The NACADA Licensing Committee will then convene and consider whether or not an applicant may be granted an import/export license. 

The applicant will be asked to pay the necessary license costs if the committee grants the request.Traders were informed, “Only the approved applicants who have been notified as such will be required to pay the license fees.” The applicant will be notified when the license is prepared for pickup, at which point they can pick it up from the NACADA headquarters.

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