Ruto Introducing Taxes for Using Social Media

Ruto Introducing Taxes for Using Social Media

Ruto Introducing Taxes for Using Social Media

A video that circulated on social media for the better part of Tuesday afternoon claimed that President William Ruto’s administration would start charging internet users on a monthly basis.The video’s narrator asserted that the additional fees would be applied to five different social media sites in order to help the government recoup its costs.

According to the video, users of Facebook will pay Ksh900 per month, users of WhatsApp Ksh1,100 per month, and users of TikTok Ksh1,300 per month to either browse through material or participate in daily challenges.The video further stated that Instagram users would have to pay Ksh1,600 a month to use the platform, while Telegram users would have to pay Ksh1,400 a month.

The new charges would allegedly take effect on December 21, 2023. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has, however, disputed the video, branding it as false.

“Please take note that this is not true news,” the tax collector said, denying rumors of fresh levies against social media users. Following the video’s over a million views on TikTok, people expressed their displeasure, claiming that the Kenya Kwanza administration was imposing an additional tax on Kenyans, who are already dealing with a difficult economic climate.

A user going by the handle Sadda wrote, “Ruto is taking us back to the stone age, very useless government.”Another user named Dean said, “Kenya doesn’t have any money, looks like the government is taxing everything.”

The Kenya Kwanza administration has previously come under heavy fire for imposing taxes in a number of industries, with many Kenyans believing that this has made the nation’s economy worse.

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