Meru MCA Steps Down in Support of  Governor Mwangaza

Meru MCA Steps Down in Support of Governor Mwangaza

Meru MCA Steps Down in Support of Governor Mwangaza

MCA in Kiagu Meru County resident Simon Kiambi has  resigned orally, claiming his failure to keep  his word to the voters and the ongoing  squabbling among the leaders of the  devolved county.

During his Monday media conference, the MCA stated that he was in favor of the  Meru County Government being dissolved. He said that all elected officials should  seek a new mandate from the people and that the government should be wound  down.

During his announcement, the MCA claimed that the current situation—which saw Governor Kawira Mwangaza twice impeached, with the Senate  supporting her in both cases—made it difficult for him to remain in office.

“From today, as Kiambi, I have appended my signature to dissolve the County  Government of Meru as an elected MCA, and those who want to contest should get  prepared,” said the MCA.

“We want to revert power back to the electorate because we have not been able to work,” the MCA added. 

The MCA further asked Governor Mwangaza to proceed and forward the dissolution petition to President William Ruto if push comes to shove.

“I have fired myself here, and I am not going back, and I want this petition to go forward until it reaches the President to dissolve the Meru County Government,” Kiambi stated.

The Kiagu MCA, who has supported Governor Mwangaza throughout her tribulations, remarked it was unfair for Meru residents to continue bearing the brunt of wrangles among their elected leaders.

However, Kiambi did not clarify whether he would officially resign in writing in a letter addressed to the Speaker of the assembly as required by law. 

His sentiments come after a petition was launched in Meru County calling for the dissolution of the government, calls which Governor Mwangaza has supported.

A group of Meru citizens and representatives of civic society began a signature  drive on Monday to dissolve the administration. They said that the ongoing disputes  between the Governor and the MCAs had severely impeded the provision of services.

Governor Mwangaza has stayed resolute in the face of hardship, even declaring that  she was prepared to accept and forward the petition to President William Ruto.

According to Section 123 of the County Governments Act, the petition needs the  support of at least 10% of the County’s registered voters in order to be approved.

Following this, the President receives the report and, in a matter of 14 days,  presents a report outlining the allegations made and the reasons a County  Government  may  be suspended.

After that, this report is presented to an intergovernmental committee made up  of the Council of Governors, the President, and the Deputy President.

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