KCPE Results to Be Released Next Week

KCPE Results to Be Released Next Week

KCPE Results to Be Released Next Week

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam results would be made public by the government at any time next week, according to information disclosed by Cabinet Secretary for Education Ezekiel Machogu on Tuesday.The CS claims that in order to give parents ample time to make their own arrangements, the government also intends to implement Form 1 Placement during the Christmas season.

Additionally, despite several complaints of cheating in different regions of the nation that have resulted in the arrest of multiple exam administrators, the Cabinet Secretary maintained the validity of the national examinations for both the KCPE and KCSE.According to CS Machogu, there had only been six instances of exam cheating in the KCPE exams that the government had documented.

“Even in those six cases, it is not that there was confusion, maybe a pupil being found with a paper that does not resonate with the exams,” Machogu said.CS Machogu went on to say that 46 instances of exam cheating in the KCSE this year had been reported to the government.

He also refuted the broad and still-existing impression among Kenyans that exam cheating was rampant.”So let us say that this time round, we are almost a hundred percent perfect, the results of the exam that will come out, it is the genuine marks that the child was able to get,” the Chief of Staff stated.

The few instances of exam anomalies, according to the CS, were caused by the strict steps the ministry had implemented, which included careful exam distribution and center administrators’ well-informed paper collection.In an effort to reduce cheating, the Ministry of Education launched a new formula that would let center managers to select morning and afternoon papers independently, as the CS revealed during this year’s National examinations.

The CS also brought up the fact that the Ministry has expanded the number of marking centers in an effort to make classrooms more teacher-friendly and finish marking within the allotted time. The Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) tests, which were taken by 1.2 million applicants, concluded on November 1, 2023, were conducted concurrently with the KCPE exams, which started on October 30.

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