2 suspects who killed police officer  delivering KCSE exams shot

2 suspects who killed police officer  delivering KCSE exams shot

2 suspects who killed police officer  delivering KCSE exams shot

Two men who were suspected of killing a police officer earlier this week who was in charge of delivering Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) documents to Mahero Secondary School in Siaya County were slain by law enforcement on Wednesday.The two suspects were slain in Siaya County’s Alego Usonga. Two weapons, an MP5 and an AK47, that had been taken from the deceased police officer were found during the operation.

Nonetheless, authorities are still pursuing a third suspect who is still at large.The National Police Service released a statement saying, “The MP5 and AK47 Rifle were recovered at Hawinga from the house of a suspect who escaped the police dragnet, while two suspects were fatally wounded.”

The group’s successful ambush of a police truck as it was transporting the Kenya  Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) examinations to Mahero Secondary  School was the day before the raid. The robbers fled to Busia, where they concealed, before moving on to Alego  Usonga, where they were eventually apprehended.

In an attempt to escape the persistently strong rain, the suspects broke through the door of a dwelling.But a neighbor saw them and told the landlord what was going on.Following his discovery of the situation, the landlord raced to the residence with his neighbor in tow and addressed the culprits.The landowner insisted on knowing their identities and their activities while on his land.

But when the landlord insisted on knowing what the trespassers were transporting in a sack they had, things got out of hand.The landlord peered into the sack and saw that there was a rifle sticking out of it.He reached for his phone in his pocket to call the chief after becoming alarmed by what he had seen, but the suspects took it.

The landlord and his neighbor were forced to flee for their lives as the suspects pulled out their pistols and aimed them in their direction.The suspects fled in the direction of Wanga Hills when they saw things were getting out of control.

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