TSC To Explain Teacher Promotion Disparities

TSC To Explain Teacher Promotion Disparities

TSC To Explain Teacher Promotion Disparities

It is time to address and address the issues voiced by a group of instructors about disparities in compensation, promotions, and headship positions. After undergoing interviews for senior graduate teacher posts, these instructors—who had previously been employed in job group M (C5)—were assigned as head teachers.They feel undervalued as they don’t receive any pay raises, even after passing the interviews and taking on leadership positions.

The teachers draw attention to inequalities in which some senior graduate teachers in head teaching roles are in grade D1, while others with comparable credentials are still in grade C5. The Labour Relations Act of 2007 states that questions regarding motivation and fairness are raised by this disparity in pay and benefits for teachers carrying out comparable responsibilities.

In order for their compensation and grades to be in line with their credentials and responsibilities, teachers have petitioned the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for a reassessment. Teachers note up cases when P1 teachers with degrees were promoted without interviews after being deployed to secondary schools, despite TSC’s contention that deployment does not equate to a promotion.

The National Assembly is one of the stakeholders who has made attempts to resolve issues including discrimination in the execution of the 2017–2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and non-remittance of union dues. The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) welcomes these efforts. KNUT highlights the need for an atmosphere that is supportive of teachers presenting their cases and calls for continuing support in the pursuit of just resolutions for teachers.

The statement highlights how crucial it is to treat teachers fairly, be open and honest, and follow through on commitments in order to protect their motivation and general well-being. It urges continued support from stakeholders and a cooperative effort to address the issues brought up by the impacted teachers.

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