Nurse Quits Job to Work in Quarry

Nurse Quits Job to Work in Quarry

Nurse Quits Job to Work in Quarry

Before quitting to work in a quarry, Veronica Wairimu had a prosperous career as  a nurse. Despite having worked in the nursing field for more than a decade and studying  the field, Wairimu felt unfulfilled. She desired independence and company ownership.

Her early aspiration of becoming an independent adult was what inspired her  to pursue entrepreneurship. In a media interview, Wairimu recounted how uncomfortable it was to watch her  dream being dashed by the nursing program she enrolled in at her mother’s  recommendation.

Wairimu abandoned her nursing career and told her friends and family that she  wanted to work in a quarry, although at first they didn’t understand her decision.  She was determined to follow her dream. “When I quit my job, I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue but I knew I was done  being employed,” she said.

Some questioned her decision to enter the field, given its predominance of men. But her father offered her Ksh20,000 as a down payment for building supplies  because he thought she could succeed. Wairimu started her company by renting a plot of land in Embu County’s Kiamuringa. To date, she has hired a few young people to assist her at the quarry, with a  focus on providing her clients with high-quality goods.

Finding female workers for this position was easier. Men carry the materials, and women do the excavating,” she said.Wairimu is in control, yet he doesn’t hesitate to set an example for others. In order to guarantee that the firm turns a profit and gives the community a means of subsistence, she employs roughly ten people per day.

The business owner advised people who were unhappy with their jobs at the time to pursue their passion.”If you believe that you are not meant for this place, or if you are not thriving there. Follow God’s calling in your life,” she counseled.

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