Jobs That Only Require KCSE Certificate

Jobs That Only Require KCSE Certificate

Jobs That Only Require KCSE Certificate

In November 2023, the Federation of Kenya  Employers (FKE) published a Skills  Needs Survey Report, which disclosed that  certain employers favor candidates  who just possess a Kenya Certificate of  Secondary Education (KCSE) certificate.

According to the survey, people without an undergraduate degree are far more  likely to work in security, correctional, and public safety-related sectors. Holders of KCSE certificates are in high demand for jobs in the arts and leisure  industries.

For instance, the Private Security Regulatory Authority reported over 700,000 security guards as of July 2022, surpassing the combined number of trained primary and secondary school teachers in the country.

Despite the government’s push for a minimum monthly salary of Ksh27,000 for security guards, many currently earn below Ksh15,000. The survey also points out that Kenyans with at least a certificate or diploma course are likely to find employment in transport, distribution, and logistics sectors, as well as in social service, community development, and the hospitality and tourism industries.

According to the survey, the fields of information technology, finance, business management, and law are the most in demand for individuals with college degrees. Doctorate holders are mainly employed as instructors in educational and training institutions, whereas Masters degree holders are more likely to find employment in the legal field.

According to the poll, businesses mostly require proficiency in information technology, engineering, finance, business management, transportation, distribution, and logistics, in addition to legal knowledge. As per the 2019 census conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), a mere 3.5 percent of the populace have finished their highest degree of education, which is university. Of Kenya’s population, approximately half have completed primary school, and 24.5% go on to complete high school.

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