Makerere University postponed its 74th graduation

Makerere University postponed its 74th graduation

Makerere University postponed its 74th graduation

 The 74th Graduation Ceremony has been  postponed by Makerere University  management due to several unanticipated  circumstances.

According to the university calendar issued recently, the said ceremony had been scheduled to take place .However, the University Senate has revised date to 22nd January, 2024 – 26th January 2024.

Prof. Umar Kakumba the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, notes that the postponement was based on the request of the University Ceremonies Committee which wanted more time for proper planning and organising the event.

“The University Ceremonies Committee had cited delays in the procurement process of gowns,” Prof Kakumba told the source

Over time, the university has had challenges to do with late procurement and delivery of gown. the matter has dipped the university into scandals over the last two graduation ceremonies.

For instance, a week before 70th graduation in 2020 the university had only secured 7,000 graduation gowns, out of the more than 13,000 which were required then.

Sources privy to the graduation planning committee at that time reported internal intrigue that blocked the timely procurement and issuance of the gowns.

Prof Kakumba also adds that Besides the issue pertaining gowns, the extension was inevitable as a section of graduate students also needed more time to finalize their research.

Given the aforementioned concerns, Kakumba claims that the university  administration decided it was necessary to defer graduation to allow for easier  planning.

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