KDF Chopper Crashes While Taking Off 

KDF Chopper Crashes While Taking Off 

KDF Chopper Crashes While Taking Off 

On Monday at around lunchtime, a Kenya Army helicopter crashed at Wajir Airport,  seriously injuring two individuals. A throng that had gathered to watch the takeoff was shocked when the aircraft,  which had been ascending at about midday, crashed into a cloud of dust. The  occurrence was caught on camera for a mere 31 seconds.

According to a statement taken at the Wajir Airport Police Station, the pilot’s right  hand and shoulder were hurt. It is also reported that the MCA of Arabajhan Ward, Abey Jimaale, who was on  board, suffered brain injuries. The aircraft was in route to Arabajhan.

The wounded were sent to Wajir County Referral Hospital right away, where  doctors there recommended that they need specialized care in Nairobi. They were in a stable state at the time. A portion of the police report stated, “Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), Kenya  Airports Authority (KAA), KDF, and police officers visited the scene.”

“It was documented by scenes of crime personnel and then cordoned off awaiting air accident investigators.”Witnesses claimed that the helicopter, which was bringing supplies to Buna Town, Wajir North, flood-affected households, sustained significant damage.

The collision happened in the same county and on the same day as another incident involving a helicopter that was traveling to pick up exam papers for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).A pilot and his two passengers, who were traveling to Arbajahan, were hurt in the other disaster.

John Otieno, the North Eastern Regional Commissioner, claims that the three were brought to the hospital and given care.The six individuals who were injured in the helicopter crashes all happened in Wajir County.Even as authorities began their investigations, the reason behind the two crashes remained undetermined.

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