Kabarak University Students Protest

Kabarak University Students Protest

Kabarak University Students Protest

Following a demonstration by students at Kabarak University, drivers on the Ravine- Nakuru Road were left trapped from early Sunday morning till early Monday morning. After one of their own was struck by a police car on Saturday night close to the school gate, the kids took to the streets at night.

The students, in large numbers, blocked the route, asking that their colleague receive justice.In order to manage traffic and keep the unruly students under control, law enforcement personnel were called to the area.

Following his or her collision with a police car, the victim was taken urgently to the  hospital. Speaking at the demonstration, the students insisted that they would only leave  the streets if the offenders were brought before a judge.

While undergoing treatment in the hospital, the first-year pharmacy student who was struck by the police cruiser passed away. In addition to protesting reckless driving, the kids said that drivers on the route  had a history of speeding.

The Kabarak University Students Organization (KUSO) denounced in writing the  officer’s actions that resulted in a fatality. Students continued to seek justice, and the Menengai Police Station was notified  of the situation.

“Our pupils’ safety is our top priority, and we won’t stop until our fallen brother and  friend receive justice. A portion of the letter stated, “We will not stay silent because doing so implies  supporting the oppressor in times of injustice. A few of the kids there stated they were prohibited from using their phones to  capture the events.

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