TSC to Consult MoE Before Transferring Teachers

TSC to Consult MoE Before Transferring Teachers

TSC to Consult MoE Before Transferring Teachers

Prior to promoting or transferring teachers, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is now obliged to confer with the Ministry of Education (MoE). This represents a change from the current situation, in which the TSC has considerable influence over advancement and deployment. The order seeks to standardize teacher management practices, including deployment, advancement, and the welfare of educators, principals, and head teachers. It is based on the education reform taskforce report authored by Prof. Raphael Munavu.

Concerns over the lack of communication surrounding teacher progress and transfers between TSC and MoE were raised by stakeholders, particularly heads of institutions. The failure to recognize and compensate teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees, the failure to hire technical subject teachers in Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs), and the disregard for experience and effectiveness when promoting teachers under the Career Progression Guideline (CPG) are among the issues brought up.

The delocalization policy, fragmented in-service teacher education programs, non-consultative transfers and appointments of institutional administrators between TSC and MoE, and the lack of a cooperative framework between partners in teacher education and management services are just a few of the issues the report highlights as having an impact on the welfare of field teachers.

Concerns about the promotion of Special Needs Education (SNE) teachers, curriculum officers, secretariat staff, and standards for instructors employed by the Board of Management are also present. The background information shows that there was a dispute between the TSC and the Ministry of Education. It started when Gabriel Lengoiboni, the secretary of the TSC, limited the power that the Ministry’s District Education Officers and Provincial Directors of Education had over teachers.

Furthermore, should the Public Wage and Remuneration Commission’s (PWPER) plan be completely implemented, the Ministry of Education may once again have the final say in the hiring and advancement of teachers—especially those in charge of managing significant school budgets.

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