Ruto to Fly to Germany Tonight

Ruto to Fly to Germany Tonight

Ruto to Fly to Germany Tonight

Tonight, President William Ruto is scheduled to take a journey to Germany, which  will be one of his more than 35 excursions to locations across the world. At a church service in Bomet on Sunday, the head of state stated that the goal  of Germany’s visit is to promote bilateral agreements between the two nations.

The Head of State stated that he would follow through on the more than 200,000  chances German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had promised Kenyans during his May  visit to the country. This visit will come after his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, during which he disclosed  that he had managed to secure 350,000 jobs for Kenyan workers.

“In order to export labor from Kenya, Bore (Labour CS, Florence) and I have  decided to execute bilateral labor agreements. Our goal is to employ at least 3,000 Kenyans each week so they can work anywhere  in the world and improve their standard of living,” he said. “Last week, I visited Saudi Arabia. As agreed upon, my CS was at the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Three months ago, the German Chancellor was in Kenya. Because he (the German President) had promised us 200,000 jobs, I am traveling  to Germany tonight.”

His visit coincides with accusations that the president was extravagantly spending money abroad when the nation’s economy was in dire straits.The Head of State, however, quieted his detractors by claiming that the travels were essential for networking, elevating Kenya’s standing internationally, and securing opportunities for Kenyans.

“When I leave Kenya, I am not going as a tourist, I am going to work for the people of Kenya because I know my responsibilities,” the president stated.Almost a month after Ruto’s March talks with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Scholz flew into the nation for a two-day visit in May.

Shortly after meeting with Steinmeier in March, Ruto declared, “Kenya and  Germany will prioritise the elimination of non-tariff barriers to reduce the costs of doing business and ease the movement of  goods between the two countries.” The Head of State disclosed in October that talks between his administration and  several foreign nations included approximately 2.1 million opportunities. Ruto disclosed, for example, that upon his visit to the US, the US had announced  plans to hire 250,000 Kenyans. The Head of State stated that Canada has committed to a comparable amount of  jobs.

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