Newly Revised KCSE KNEC Grading System

Newly Revised KCSE KNEC Grading System

Newly Revised KCSE KNEC Grading System

For the KCSE exam in 2023, the Ministry of Education has implemented a new  grading system.

According to Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, the mean grade would only be  determined for one language (English, Kiswahili, or Kenyan Sign Language) and  mathematics, which are the two required disciplines.

In addition to the mandatory two topics, Knec will take into account the candidate’s  top five subjects.

More students will be able to enroll in TVET programs at the certificate and artisan  levels, universities, and diploma programs thanks to the reform plan.

The Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms said that the old 8-4-4 grading system disadvantaged some students by ignoring their strongest topics if  they did not fit into a particular cluster. This is why the adjustment has been made.

Concerns about the credibility of high-stakes examinations prompted stakeholders to suggest an external assessment by KNEC, which would carry greater weight in evaluating students’ overall performance. The Ministry emphasizes a blend of formative and summative assessments, where mathematics and science courses assess numeracy skills, and English and Kiswahili measure reading ability.

Njeng’ere urged adherence to established norms and professionalism, warning that anyone engaging in malpractice would face consequences. CS Machogu emphasized the ministry’s commitment to ensuring that policies are followed, and those encouraging exam cheating will not be spared. He called for honesty and vigilance from all involved in overseeing the 2023 national examinations.

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