ODM Senator Attacked by Goons

ODM Senator Attacked by Goons

ODM Senator Attacked by Goons

On Friday, Senator Hezena Lemaletian, an ODM nominee, stated that she was  beaten by thugs at the Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting that former Prime  Minister Raila Odinga was present at. The Senator asserted in a statement posted on her official social media accounts  that a top party official who holds a significant political seat in Nairobi County  was the one who dispatched the thugs to attack her.

Lemaletian asserted that she was the target of intimidation.She remained silent, though, regarding whether or not she reported the incident to the police or was wounded during it.

“Goons attacked me at the ODM PG today, claiming they were ordered to beat and nude me. He is not the reason I am in ODM. I will never get his approval to stay.”ODM supports gender equality and democracy. He should bear full responsibility if something were to happen to me,” she asserted.

After contacting us, Philip Etale, Director of Communications at ODM, stated he was not there for the purported incident.He did, however, counsel the senator to submit the issue to the party structures designated to deal with these kinds of situations.”I didn’t see anything happen. It is regrettable if that did occur. He said, “She ought to inform the parties about the situation.The accused lawmaker had not yet responded to the accusations at the time of publication.

Additionally, attempts to contact the aforementioned legislator about the issue were unsuccessful.Raila was meeting with the party’s elected leaders and other officials to discuss plans for the next local elections.

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