TSC Issue Dates For Interns Contract Renewal

TSC Issue Dates For Interns Contract Renewal

TSC Issue Dates For Interns Contract Renewal

A plan has been developed by the Teachers  Service Commission (TSC) to begin  hiring grade 8 teachers and renew the  contracts of current intern teachers.

Prior to the commencement of classes again in January, the commission hopes  to hire and assign a minimum of 18,000 junior secondary school (JSS) intern  instructors. The hiring process and contract renewal for interns are slated to start right after  the last KCSE exam paper is finished.

Those intern instructors who are currently employed and who were hired in January of last year must renew their insurance for a full year. If an intern wants to stay in their role, their internship contract will automatically renew. Teachers who disagree with the need of serving for two years before gaining permanent and pensionable terms have opposed TSC’s determination that intern teachers will be confirmed on permanent terms in 2025.

Previously, TSC hired intern teachers and, following a year of employment, incorporated them into the permanent and pensionable (pnp) staff. Nonetheless, the Commission’s recruitment of a sizable number of intern instructors and the difficulties presented by the faltering national economy are credited with the current change in policy.

TSC’s Director of Staffing, Antonina Lentoijoni, and Director of Legal Affairs,  Calvin Anyuor, claimed during a meeting with the Parliamentary Education  Committee that all 46,000 teachers hired on internship terms would  automatically convert to permanent non-resident status after serving for two years. The Commission makes it clear that completion of the two-year internship program is a requirement for permanent employment as a teacher.

46,000 primary and secondary school teachers, including junior secondary teachers on internship terms, are reportedly employed by TSC. Although the Commission stands by its policy of a maximum of two years of teacher internship duty, many intern teachers report demoralization, especially in light of the insufficient remuneration that is out of line with the present cost of living.

TSC deployed 1,995 intern teachers to schools in January 2022 after hiring  20,000 in February and an additional 20,000 in August. Furthermore, 4,005 instructors’ internship contracts were extended, increasing  the total number of intern teachers to 46,000. Starting in January of the following year, TSC plans to hire an extra 20,000  intern instructors to assist with Grade 8 classes. A monthly salary of Kshs. 15,000 is provided to interns affiliated with primary  schools, and Kshs. 20,000 is given to those in secondary schools. Nonetheless, secondary school interns lose about sh. 3,000 in deductions, while  primary school interns lose about sh. 2,000.

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