28-Year-Old Man Electrocuted While Stealing Coffee From Factory

Man Electrocuted While Stealing

Man Electrocuted While Stealing

Local police verified that a 28-year-old man was electrocuted on Tuesday while  attempting to steal dry coffee from  a Kiambu plant.

The suspect entered a factory in the Kibichoi neighborhood, where dried coffee  beans were kept, according to the police.

However, while trying to flee the scene, he touched a live wire which electrocuted him.

Police records show that the man’s body was found at the entrance of the factory holding a sack of coffee he had stolen.The source was informed by a detective, “He touched a live wire as he tried  to escape.”

In Central Kenya, robbery of rice and coffee from farmers is a typical occurrence  due to gangs working along with some entrepreneurs.

After that, the produce is either sold to brokers at a discount or smuggled into  marketplaces. The young man was taken to the mortuary, according to the police, while they  conducted additional inquiries.

Following a warning from Kenya Power about the potential risk of electrocution  during this wet season, there was an incident. Additionally, Kenyans have been advised not to seek cover close to live power  cables.

Similarly, parents are advised against their children playing beneath or next to  electricity transmission wires due to the risk of electrocution. Tuesday while playing in Nairobi’s Mukuru Slum, a 15-year-old was electrocuted. This occurred only a few hours after two siblings in Muranga perished from  touching a live wire.

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