KCSE Students Chase Away Exams Officials Over Harassment

KCSE Students Chase Away Exams Officials Over Harassment

KCSE Students Chase Away Exams Officials Over Harassment

Students at Nyambaria High School drove  exam officials away on Tuesday after  accusing them of intimidating and harassing  them during the ongoing national  exams.

When the Nyamira County school surprised the nation by winning the 2022 KCSE,  parents and students rejoiced.

Although the school insisted that the kids’ achievements were the consequence  of their diligence, doubters have claimed—without offering any proof—that the students participated in exam irregularities.

Charles Onyari, the principal of Nyambaria, was suspended last week due to  irregularities in exams. The extent of his involvement has not been disclosed by the authorities. Nyamira County sources claim that in order to control the situation, security guards  were called in to assist regional examination officers who were stationed at the  institution.

Exam-taking students claimed that since they were suspected of exam theft, they were  harassed by invigilators and other personnel assigned to administer the tests.

According to reports, the students claim they are being subjected to intrusive searches as exam officials try to find evidence of cheating.

Exam irregularities have been a problem in the past with authorities accusing teachers and exam officials of colluding to share papers with students.

Leaders from the region have complained of profiling of Nyambaria High School and other schools in the Kisii region during the exam period.

In the past, exam results of some schools have been canceled due to irregularities, forcing candidates to repeat classes.

Kenyans have previously observed that there have been relatively few prosecutions  in spite of the evidence of exam cheating.

Tuesday also saw the arrest of a student in possession of exam materials on a cell  phone. A WhatsApp group administrator is the target of a police manhunt after it was  alleged that he sold exam papers to students.

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