Principals To Oversee Exams Outside Their Sub-counties

Principals To Oversee Exams Outside Their Sub-counties

Principals To Oversee Exams Outside Their Sub-counties

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams are now being  administered by the Kenya National Examination Council in a number of  secondary schools around the country. There have been documented instances of exam malpractice, involving principals  and teachers, despite the continuous administration.

The Parliamentary education committee has made a number of recommendations to deal with cheating in schools in response to these problems. Some recommended actions that, if put into practice, can lessen the occurrence of anomalies in examinations are as follows:

1. Deployment of Principals

Principals would be assigned to locations outside their sub-counties to oversee exams in schools where they do not teach.

2. CCTV Installation

All secondary schools would be required to install CCTV cameras to monitor activities in examination centers.

3. Improved Compensation

Enhanced pay for supervisors, invigilators, police officers, and examiners is proposed to reduce susceptibility to compromise by schools.

4. Inclusive Evaluation

The Kenya National Examination Council would incorporate summative evaluation and formative assessment in final exam results to alleviate the pressure on a single exam.

In order to function as a deterrent, the proposal also recommends tougher punishments for individuals engaged in exam misconduct.There are concerns regarding the viability of this technique when principals are expected to work outside of their regular positions. It remains to be seen if these steps will be successful in establishing order in the administration of exams. We invite you to share your opinions and views on these proposals using our comments platform.

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