Malema criticises Ruto

Malema criticises Ruto

Malema criticises Ruto

Julius Malema, the head of the South African opposition, has criticized William  Ruto, the president of Kenya, for not keeping the promises he made to the people  of Kenya during his campaign. The irascible lawmaker declared that the president of Kenya has changed during  his campaign and asked Kenyans to put their trust in him when casting their ballots.

The things that President William Ruto said during the elections and the things he is doing now are two different things, so I don’t know if he means it or not. I can’t seem to find him these days.

Speaking to a crowd of hundreds at Lukenya University in Makueni County, Kenya,  on the occasion of the Pan-African Institute’s opening, Malema chastised the president for not living up to his  words and for attempting to eliminate the US dollar as a medium of exchange in  Africa. He added, “I don’t know, because I heard him say we need to build our own  currency and get rid of the dollar, but his actions don’t seem to support that idea.”

The president has come under fire from Malema, the head of the Economic  independence warriors (EFF) Party, for not adhering to the “true cause of the  African freedom fighters who were killed and tortured by the colonialists.” He claimed that during the British monarchs’ recent visit to Kenya, the country’s  head of state should not have exchanged a grin or a handshake with King  Charles and Queen Camilla.

“The Kenyan army is a byproduct of the Mau Mau rebellion, and the army of the children of those who were killed during the Mau Mau rebellion cannot salute those who killed our people in the Mau Mau rebellion.” It is our responsibility to adhere to the cause.Africans owe it to the King and Britain to remind them of what they did to Africans during the colonial era, according to Malema.

In fact, he displayed no regret. He apologized for falling short of his promise that this shouldn’t have happened and that it was horrible. Because he believes that his race makes him superior and that he is unfit to offer an apology to those who are beneath him, he will never declare that he is sorry.

Malema also urged the Kenyan government to take a hard stance and declare  their intentions, whether they are pan-Africanists or neo-colonialists. The head of the opposition in South Africa recently urged his Kenyan counterpart,  Raila Odinga, to step down from public office and give way to newcomers to lead  local politics.

This happened after the head of Azimio La Umoja contested the results of the last election, in which President Ruto was declared the victor.His remarks coincide with Kenyans’ indignation at the country’s exorbitant cost of living as well as the rise in the price of gasoline and other necessities, which President Ruto pledged to significantly reduce during the campaign and immediately after taking office, but which are still just words.

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