KCSE Candidates Return to School After Police Manhunt

KCSE Candidates Return to School After Police Manhunt

KCSE Candidates Return to School After Police Manhunt

Following a manhunt by police, a number of candidates who had damaged  property at Kimelok Secondary School in Narok County returned on Friday. According to reports, the kids lost their cool after the principal of the school saw  them using cell phones on Thursday night.

The principal claimed that the kids had been in contact with unidentified persons who had assured them of exam leaks.After the devices were seized, the candidates went on the rampage, damaging the staff room and dorms at night before making their getaway.

The teachers reported the event to the Narok police, who then started looking for the pupils.Unexpectedly, on Friday, the pupils returned to class prepared for their tests. The candidates were not the subject of any police action at the time this article was published.

The event follows the ongoing KCSE exams, which, according to Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, have been mainly successful with the exception of a few incidences of malpractice. Thus far, nine center managers—principals working in the schools among them—three accident incidents, two impersonations, and 46 candidates have all been directly linked to exam cheating, said Machogu.

Charles Onyari, the principal of Nyambaria High School, was suspended by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Tuesday due to allegations of irregularities in exams.With a mean score of 10.89, the school was one of the establishments that finished first in the 2022 KCSE exams. Onyari’s conduct throughout the examination session prompted Nyamira police to open investigations.

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