Primary Heads to Serve As JSS Principals

Primary Heads to Serve As JSS Principals

Primary Heads to Serve As JSS Principals

Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, has declared the start  of a promotion process for teachers who have taught the same subject for a  long time. Since junior secondary schools are now housed within primary schools, head  teachers at those schools will be elevated to the position of principal. This implies that all P1 teachers in charge of elementary schools will advance to  the role of junior secondary school principal from grade C3 and up.

Machogu stressed that many primary school head teachers are graduates who  should be promoted during his speech to the Kenya Primary School Heads  Association (Kepsha) convention in Mombasa. Additionally, he praised head teachers who hold PhDs in a range of education-related subjects and urged the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to advance  them to more senior positions because of their shown abilities.

High school principals were cautioned against raising tuition by Machogu and Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang. TSC Chairman Jamleck Muturi and Vice Chancellor Elijah Omwenga of Konza University were present at the event.

Collins Oyuu, secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT),  applauded the CS’s request for promotion and emphasized that many head  teachers in elementary schools are highly qualified graduates, including some who  hold PhDs. In contrast to certain high schools, he also praised primary school teachers for  their efforts in stopping cheating on national exams. Oyuu recommended against transferring promoted headteachers to other  counties and stood up for them when they were accused of charging exorbitant  fees, saying school boards should make these kinds of decisions.

Professor Omwenga urged educators to make use of the Open University’s flexible  entrance qualification program, which permits students who don’t meet the  entrance standards of nearby universities to pursue higher education.

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